The Goal of the Music Supervision & Licensing Boot Camp is to help Clients better understand music licensing, and teach them how to prepare and take steps towards finding success in that specialized area of the music business.

Package Includes:

  • One month of private 1:1 consultation includes total of four (4), one-hour meetings or dedicated phone conversations.
  • Review of Client music catalog, and/or present recording project, with review & feedback on the same.
  • Creation of a goal-oriented custom business plan for Client.
  • Music agent referrals if certain criteria are met and Client’s material is both of commercial quality and suitability for referral to targeted individuals or companies.

Instruction on:

  • How music licensing works, what songwriter’s own and how to leverage and assign it.
  • The different areas of music licensing / what avenues are available
  • The need-to-know basic licensing terms and industry standards.
  • Publishers vs synchronization agents.
  • Exclusive vs non-exclusive deal tips (pros and cons).
  • Commercial music vs. production music vs. libraries.
  • Why instrumentals are important.
  • What are stems and why they are important.
  • How to organize a music catalog and prepare it for monetization.
  • How to give good metadata
  • What is a PRO, how and why to register your work
  • What is publishing, how, when and why to set up your own publishing consultant

COST: $500 flat fee, 50% deposit due in advance.  Payment plans available.

DISCLAIMER: Music licensing is fickle and never guaranteed. A lot of it is luck, timing, hard work and relationships. That said, it’s a potential revenue stream that should be capitalized on!  Think of licensing as one piece of your investment portfolio, and you have to diversify and invest in multiple revenue streams (licensing, merchandise sales, booking, etc.) to maximize your opportunities and fully exploit your catalog. I will guide you in this process and help you get set up for success!

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